Britain: What A State BookAbout this website (DoSS) started life as an entry for a website competition - Channel 4's Comedy Circuit - which it went on to win in 2003.

After all the fuss died down, I began to host DoSS myself with regularly updated extra material. DoSS is at least 20 times the size of the original site and growing all the time.

In July 2004, the site received a major overhaul with new features and sections styled "Britain: What A State". In October 2005, Britain: What A State hit the shelves as a book published by Boxtree. For more details on that, go here.

Contacting me

I used to have a contact form here, but spammers were using it non-stop to send me personal messages about v14gr4 and 4N4L f15t1ng techniques so, it is with regret that I've had to take it down. If you would like to get in touch, please mail me by using in your email program. Sorry I can't give you a proper mail link. I will try to write back to all non-spam queries and comments, I promise.

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