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www.socialscrutiny.org (DoSS) started life as an entry for a website competition - Channel 4's Comedy Circuit - which it went on to win in 2003.

After all the fuss died down and I was released from the iron grip of C4's compliance lawyers, I decided to host DoSS myself with regularly updated extra material. DoSS is now about 4 times the size of the original site and growing all the time.

In July 2004, the site received a major overhaul with new features and sections styled "A User's Guide to Britain".


 Site Credits 

This site is written and designed by Ian Vince.
Photos, forms and potatoshop are by Ian Vince, unless stated otherwise.
© 2004 All rights reserved.

Hilarious lack of irony © 20-21st Century UK Government.

Ian lives with his wife in London at an altitude of about 50 feet.

The part of Sir Edward Bicycle is played by a piece of clip art.

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 Unfortunately Necessary Legal Disclaimer 

This site is satirical and intended for the purposes of entertainment only. All characters and situations depicted on this website are fictional, even the ones you may have heard of in the so-called "real world". Where I use the names of any "real person", I am only joking - even if it seems uncomfortably close to the truth.