Welcome to Trepanning
the village centre
area 23
awsom wells
hole in the head
off-centre centre
post office
waiting room
business trepanning
parish noticeboard
public transport

Welcome to the Trepanning website.
Trepanning is a village in Cornwall so isolated that it is located a short way from the outskirts of itself. It does not appear on any official maps - except its own - and no roads lead in or out of the village. It is an independent village-state with a population of less than 1,500 and borders built from elliptical quantum formulae so twisted that they make immigration not only difficult but also perplexing and unaccountable.

Any further information may turn out to be false. You are advised to treat everything else with skepticism.

In the meantime, you can download occasional freebies such as desktop wallpaper for your computer, check out our links page, find out how to get in touch with us to tell us what you think and view a slideshow of real and fictional locations.


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