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From the desk of Alan Bladder The Minister of Truth and Other Information

Subject: 2005 Departmental Christmas Card Directive

This year's seasonal missive from the Department of Social Scrutiny will, for the first time, be enabled by your colleagues at the Ministry of Festive Observance.

This means that, unlike previous years where individual Departments were responsible for sending out cards unilaterally, MoFO is at long last able to enforce the Government's policy on Multilateral Minor Package Reciprocation or MMPR.

Under MMPR, cards will only be sent in response to a successful application for festive communication being received by MoFO before the end of the tax year in which Christmas occurred and claims for back-dated Seasonal Felicitations must now be made within seven years of the final hour of the last day of the fiscal year in which a qualifying Christmas occurred.

An example of one of the new forms is reproduced below.


Leaked by sources close to: Alan Bladder on December 13, 05 | 1:57 pm

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