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Government Response to Charles and Camilla's Wedding

The Department of Social Scrutiny wishes to extend its heart-felt congratulations to HRH Charles, Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall, Honorary Professor of Cobwebs at the Thamesbank University of Anachronisms and Ms Camilla Parker-Bowles, Future Royal Sperm Receptacle and The Countess of Myopia on their forthcoming welding.

Furthermore, the Government as a whole would like to curtsy, present a bouquet of Dimblebies and roll around in the dust generated in the Royal Wake formed, as it is, by microscopic shavings of dead Regal Skin. Upon Ms Parker-Bowles change in circumstances, may we respectfully urge her to fill in the appropriate paperwork in order to entitle her to regular privilege and benefits, served up by a public force-fed on the horse manure of Royal Propaganda.

Leaked by sources close to: Sir Edward Bicycle on February 10, 05 | 12:04 pm

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