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Heatwave melts parts of UK website.

imageScientists at the London University of the Persistently Unknown have managed to successfully melt a website and associated documents for the very first time.

Professor Cromarty Reawla, best known for his experiments in Room Temperature Baking, has turned his attentions to the other end of the heat spectrum by concentrating the rays of the sun - during the current London heatwave - onto a folder of images and web pages.

"The PDF caught fire first, closely followed by the jpeg", said Reawla, gently fanning himself, "but the gif just sort of melted and sagged a bit, probably because of its Run Length Encoding and fixed palette. The php documents sizzled quietly, but the damage to the database puts it beyond repair."

Reawla has been suspended by the University pending a full examination of his levels of curiosity.

Reawla last came to prominence for his theories on Cold Baking. He found that forwarding a number of mathematical and philosophical proposals to a tray of uncooked pastries was enough to prove to them that heat was not an essential component of the baking process. Once one side of the equation was proven, he found it was necessary to balance the difficulty of the concept with an enormous amount of scientifically-weighed chutzpah.

Left: The molten gif

Leaked by sources close to: The Parliamentary News Service on August 04, 04 | 12:37 pm

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