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Britain swelters in heatwave as transit of Venus fails to provide any shade.

By Lady Cynthia Knuckles - the Mouthpiece of the Mute Minority

Venus Javelin MissionAs the UK experiences its traditional 16 hour early Summer heatwave today, Britons are only talking about one thing: How the so-called Transit of Venus completely failed to live up to its promise and provide any relief from the scorching Sun.

And it appears that we can lay the blame for all of this firmly at the feet of Europe. Jacques Chirac and his cronies of loony europhiliacs veto-ed the Beagle 3 'Space Javelin' mission to Venus, where it would stick an enormous parasol in the planet in good time for today's transit. What a bastard.

Leaked by sources close to: Lady Cynthia Knuckles on June 08, 04 | 12:23 pm

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