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Election Apathy: Can you be bothered or not?

Elections for Europe are on June 10th and so DoSS have released a political analysis tool to help you decide whether or not you can be bothered to vote.

It is our experience that this will save a great deal of soul-searching guilt that would otherwise peak ten minutes before polls close and nag away at your subconscious, which would be otherwise better utilised blaming your parents for your unhappiness or your deep-seated issues about BDSM.

In line with the Department of Social Scrutiny's remit to investigate the dark underbelly of the hidden corners of the socially excluded, to round them up and lock them up for their own safety, the results for this survey will be collected and stored on a huge mainframe, lovingly tended to by staff who are so desperate for self-respect that they wander around in white doctor's jackets holding clipboards. So it's not only you, then.

Can you be bothered or not?

Leaked by sources close to: Sir Edward Bicycle on June 07, 04 | 12:24 pm

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