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Donald's Dictionary: Rumsfeld's Words of the Day - Abuse and Torture.

imageToday's words look very similar on the page, but sound very different when I say them. Their meanings are, however, poles apart.

Torture noun / pronounced taw-cher /

Infliction of gratuitous mental or physical harm upon American nationals and friends of our God-fearing Homeland for the purpose of punishment, coercion or sadistic gratification.

Torture noun / pronounced aa-byoose /

Collateral damage of enemy suspects by coalition forces, or their subcontractors, in an exceptional, isolated scenario of over-robust questioning and interrogation.

I hope you can see the important distinction. In the first meaning, the American public is aroused in their condemnation of evil. Our President himself said, in the State of the Union address on torture and rape under Saddam Hussein: "If this is not evil, then evil has no meaning".

However, in the second definition, care should be taken to use the Pentagon Pronunciation - aa-byoose - or I may have to resign.

Until the next war.

Uncle Donald.

Leaked by sources close to: Donald Rumsfeld on May 07, 04 | 2:22 pm

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