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Daily Mirror photos genuine, "newspaper fake", concur media experts.

imageDaily Mirror staff were in shock last night as a specially convened panel of media experts declared the entire paper's content as "bogus", except last Saturday's photographs of Iraqi prisoners being tortured.

The newspaper, edited by Piers Morgan, apparently caught the world of Media Studies unaware. Professor of Unecessarily Deep Semiotic Analysis, Dido Blackthorn, was woken from a four-year meditation on Baudrillard to assemble a "crack team of thinkers and luminaries" to deal with the revelations.

"It only came up on the media studies radar because of that story", said Symbolic Chairman Gray Routledge, "we didn't even know it existed until then and certainly didn't see it as a valid news source. But it seems as though this was a blip and the rest of the paper is utter twaddle. Semiotically speaking, of course."

Gary Sinus, Lecturer in Polymorphic Psychology, agrees. "The danger with the Mirror is in it's own sense of self-denial. They take so many stands against what they are plainly for, it could be that Piers Morgan has simply been making a big enough arse of himself over the years so that the whole paper can disappear up it when they run a real story. That's my psychological assessment of the facts as they are presented to us in the media discourse. For ever and ever, no returns."

Parliament is set for an announcement on the matter this afternoon by a Junior Minister too insignificant to name.

Leaked by sources close to: The Parliamentary News Service on May 04, 04 | 1:49 pm

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