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Blair takes to military uniform.

At the Blair MinistryTony Blair has been photographed wearing military uniform for the first time in his new role of Commander-in-Chief-Executive-Officer of Britain, plc.

The pictures, taken by Sun photographer Brian Gruntslob, have been leaked out by Downing Street to "show the nation that he is very much in charge", according to Senior Blairman Silus Toady.

The pictures show Blair marching up and down his newly installed private parade ground, where foreign dignitaries are taken for talks inside a tent from which Blair keeps an eye on his camels. Spokesblair Toady insisted this morning that last week's visit to Libyan leader Colonel Gadaffi has nothing to do with nis new found interest in camels, military uniform or exercising a vice-like grip on power.

Meanwhile, photographer Gruntslob went missing late last night as the Blair Ministry reassured his family that he would be found somewhere in a wood tomorrow night, but may not "be in any condition to play with the children".

Leaked by sources close to: The Parliamentary News Service on April 01, 04 | 7:30 am

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