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Opportunity finds nicer beach on Mars.


Opportunity, the NASA Mars Rover, has discovered a new beach on Mars which, according to NASA spokescientist Harvey Weinburger, is "better than the stretch of shoreline we found yesterday - this one appears to be much nearer the sea".

The Rover, unable to find solid evidence of life, moved to a new location further up the beach this morning, where earlier orbiting craft had taken the now famous - and controversial - pictures of what ufologists claim are clear signs of a pier, amusement arcades and a promenade.

The features, now dubbed "Weston-Super-Mars" by enthusiasts, were written off by NASA as rock formations, while Project Co-Lead Hydrologist Harry 'Hutch' T Jefferson III pointed out that the discovery of a small English seaside town on Mars would still not prove the existence of life.

NASA scientists first became excited last night when Opportunity reported it had discovered an unknown Californian probe driving along the ancient beach with what appeared to be a surf board strapped to its roof. But the discovery of a small saloon car was tempered when it did not contain an arguing family or any evidence of a picnic.

Jefferson said later, "It's the seaside, but not as we know it".

Leaked by sources close to: Sir Edward Bicycle on March 24, 04 | 9:47 am

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