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New reality TV gameshow to distribute welfare payments.

Following successful runs of the primetime DIY SOS show, a new BBC series for has been commissioned by the Department of Social Scrutiny to select and showcase social security claimants in dire circumstances.

DSS SOS will feature three claimants every week, highlighting their levels of destitution and letting them plea for a slice of the DSS SOS Fund, formerly known as Income Support. The first show includes Wendy, a mentally ill mother of three crack addict with acute personality disorders who is applying for a home makeover in her asbestos-built shack on the central reservation of the M1 near Doncaster.

Viewers will be able to phone in their votes for the most deserving cases for support.

Expect tears, anger and the remorseless misery of pecuniary destitution every Wednesday night from spring as the team install laminate flooring and low voltage Argos halogen lighting to cure social exclusion via the medium of lifestyle television.

Leaked by sources close to: Sir Edward Bicycle on March 21, 04 | 11:07 pm

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