Surveillance Benefit

Notes for Claimants

Surveillance Benefit is the new allowance from the Department of Social Scrutiny that helps certain groups of people if they do not feel they have enough attention coming in.

What happened to the other benefits?

All other benefits were phased out. The need for Surveillance Benefit arose because it was felt that claimants for the old-style benefits were sacrificing their pride and freedom of action in exchange for a small amount of money each week. Surveillance Benefit is different because claimants are now compelled to get a modest increase in their weekly allowance in exchange for a massive abuse of their civil rights. Most claimants are happy with this arrangement, as you will be after the appeals procedure has been carefully explained to you.

Download this document or pick up a copy of the form from your local office, you can normally find it in the phone book under "Dystopian Nightmares."