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Jazzbank yeah, plc is here to spread freedom.* Freedom to bank, freedom to manage your finances, freedom to speak directly to your manager during office hours in the Republic of Tonga.


Leaked by sources close to: Sir Edward Bicycle on Jul 15, 04 | 2:27 pm

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"Thank God: a book that's both clever and funny. Deserves a place on the lap of every comedy fan in Britain." Charlie Brooker

"If you wince at the word 'benchmark', this neat parody could be just the thing to cheer you up." Sunday Telegraph Magazine


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Sterling rose as the Dollar lost at Top Trumps with the Euro after Germany turned out to have a higher balance of trade deficit than Colorado and France trumped Ohio on "Cigarette Consumption".

Shares fell sharply in Baba Pibbly Bluechip after their Annual Report concluded that they would "never amount to anything if they didn't apply themselves to PE".

Short term: Excellent. Long Term: Fantastic. Medium Term: Very, very bad indeed.